A banner or text link displayed within a site or app for the purpose of promoting a commercial brand, product or service.


Any person or company looking to promote his brand, service or product via banners and text links on publisher sites and apps.

Ad Exchange

Technology platforms in the ad space based on real time ad auctions for buying and selling ad impressions.

Ad Format

The types of ads that can be displayed in your application. See available ad formats here.

Ad Impression

An advertisement impression occurs each time a consumer is exposed to an advertisement.

Ad Integration

The technical process of defining and making available ad slots within a publisher’s site or app.

Ad Network

An advertising network is a company aggregating ad space supply from publishers, and matching it with the demand of advertisers

Ad Optimizer

Helps publishers manage ad networks and optimize the monetization of their ad spaces.

Ad Request

An ad request is counted every time a mobile site or app calls the Smaato platform from a mobile device to display an ad.

Ad Server

Tech-solutions that collect and deliver ad units from ad networks and publishers.

Ad Space

An adspace is a dedicated area on a mobile site or within an app that is reserved to display ads.

Ad Tag

SOMA integration method for publishers (especially for static HTML pages)

App (Application)

A piece of software that is downloaded to run on a mobile phone, typically from an app store or mobile internet site.


Stands for Application Programming Interface, and is a software interface for specified communication between applications and other services or software products.


A person or group of people that an advertiser wants to reach to promote his brand, service or product.


A banner is a hypertext link with a graphic element. See banner sizes here.


The price an advertiser selects for his ad campaign. Advertisers can bid on either a CPM or CPC basis.

Bid Request

Begin of an RTB transaction. The Exchange requests a response from the DSPs, including various data such as the user’s demographic information, location, and the app or page being loaded.

Bid Response

Answer of a DSP inside RTB on a bid request including the ad and a price.


A telephone company that provides services for mobile phone subscribers. Also referred to as: mobile network operator (MNO), mobile phone operator, carrier service provider (CSP), wireless service provider, wireless carrier, cellular company


CDMA (Code-Division Multiple Access) refers to any protocol used in the so-called second-generation (2G) and third-generation (3G) wireless communications.


A click is the user interaction with the ad. It leads the user to an advertiser landing page for registration, purchase, or download.

Code Snippet

A small section of re-usable source code to be pasted into a larger software module to add certain functionality.


Children's Online Privacy Protection Act; regulates online collection of personal information of individuals under 13 years of age within U.S. jurisdiction.

CPA (Cost per Action)

A pricing model where the advertiser pays for a specified user action (registration, purchase, etc.)

CPC (Cost per Click)

The price paid by an advertiser for a single click on its ad that brings the end user to its intended destination.

CPM (Cost Per Mille)

Also called "Cost per Thousand Impressions", CPM is the price paid by an advertiser for 1000 impressions (a site displaying an ad 1000 times).

CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

Response rate, calculated by taking the number of clicks the ad received, dividing by impressions and multiplying by 100 to obtain a percentage value.


The concept, design and artwork that go into a given ad.


A mobile handset that enables the end user to interact with sites and apps.

DSP (Demand Side Platform)

Advertising platform that makes it easier for an advertiser to buy and sell advertising on multiple ad exchanges.

eCPM (Effective Cost Per Mille)

Metric for measuring revenue generated across various marketing channels, and is calculated by dividing total earnings by the total number of impressions in thousands.

eCPC (Effective Cost Per Click)

Effective cost of each click, calculated by dividing total earnings by the total number of clicks.

Fill Rate

The percentage of ad requests that are filled with ads (that is, where an ad is displayed to the end user).

Frequency Capping

Frequency capping is an ad serving feature that limits the maximum number of impressions/views per user within a time interval. E.g.: 3 views per visitor per 24 hours -> after seeing an ad 3 times, that particular user will not see it again for 24 hours.


Methods of determining a user's location and delivering location-specific content to that user by i.e. country, region/state, city, metro code/zip code, organization, IP address or ISP


Global System for Mobile Communications is a standard set developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to describe technologies for digital cellular networks. 

House Ads

Ads that publishers run on their own inventory - mostly self- or cross-promotional - at no cost. House Ads are traditionally set to the lowest priority, thus filling inventory otherwise unsold.


Interactive Advertising Bureau (http://www.iab.net). See their Ad Unit Guidelines for standardized units.


An impression or view is counted every time the ad appears on a website or app.

Insertion Order/IO

The "contract between a media buyer and the media property selling the advertising." An IO is the general term for an agreement of an advertising campaign, including its specifications, such as price, time frame, targeting, creatives etc.

Interstitial Ad

Any ad that interrupts the user experience temporarily (or stands in at a point of interruption,e.g. loading times) is referred to as an interstitial ad. If that ad completely fills the screen of a mobile device, it's called a full screen interstitial.


Internet Service Provider.

Landing Page

The first page an end user sees when he clicks on an ad.


Mobile Marketing Association (http://www.mmaglobal.com), an entity similar to the IAB. See their Mobile Web Ad Guidelines for common ad space sizes.

Mobile Website

Any internet site tailored for mobile and accessed from a mobile device.


“Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions” is the IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence’s project to define a common API for mobile rich media ads that will run in mobile apps. 


Any entity which aggregates multiple publishers with their respective mobile web and/or mobile apps.

Native Ads

Ads matching the original content’s look and feel, e.g. ads on Facebook or Twitter.


Standardized specification of a real-time bidding interface for mobile applications. See more at the project homepage, http://www.iab.net/rtbproject


Any person or company that publishes content via a site, app or blog.

Real-time Bidding

Auction of ad requests in real time.


Occurs when a mobile browser or app requests an ad from the ad server.


The amount received by Smaato from the partner ad networks for delivered ads, calculated depending on the revenue model (CPC, CPM, CPA).

Rich Media

Usual interactive ads using HTML and JavaScript.

ROI (Return On Investment)

Ratio of money gained or lost on an investment relative to the amount of money invested.

SDK (Software Development Kit)

Code package that allows easily ads integration into apps. See available SDKs here.

Served Ads

An ad request that results in a positive response from the Smaato advertising optimization platform ends up in a served ad.


SOMA stands for Smaato Open Mobile Advertising.


A technology platform enabling publishers to manage their ad impression inventory and maximize revenue from digital media.


User-generated keywords that provide a concise description of a campaign, site or app.


Various criteria used to define the intended audience for a campaign.


Following and recording of end user data (location, gender, age, device, etc.) or events for breakdown, optimization, or advertisement targeting.


The amount of data sent and received by visiting a site or app with a mobile device.

Unique User

A particular individual end user of a site or app.


Video Ad Serving Template VAST - Video Ad Serving Template - IAB sponsored language for use in delivery of inline/linear and non-linear video advertising.


See Impression

View Rate

Percentage of served ads that result in ad impressions.

Volume Capping

Volume capping is an ad serving feature that limits the maximum number of impressions/views per campaign (with or without a time interval); e.g.: a campaign can end after delivery of 100000 impressions, or after a daily cap of 10000 for the rest of the day (i.e. the campaign will restart delivery on the subsequent day unless specified otherwise).


Wireless Application Protocol.