Important Note

Interstitial ads (Multi-Ad Format) is currently in a closed beta stage. Once the beta stage is complete, this feature will be provided for all publishers.

Please reach out to your dedicated account manager to be put you on the waiting list.

Process of Setting upd Multi-Ad Format

  1. Smaato needs to activate the Multi-Ad Format feature for you as a publisher.
  2. Log in to your SPX account and create a NEW 'Multi-Ad Format interstitial ad space.'
  3. Download and import the latest version of the Smaato iOS SDK from SPX, which also includes new adapter classes.

General Setup

Integrate new optimized ad view class - SOMAMultiFormatInterstitial.

  • If you want to enable Multi-format interstitial ads for an existing implementation of SOMAInterstitialAdView or SOMAInterstitialVideoAdView, it is sufficient to change the existing ad view class names to SOMAMultiFormatInterstitial. Furthermore, SOMAAdViewDelegate provides all the ad lifecycle callbacks.

  • For a new Multi-format interstitial ad integration, please follow the guide for interstitial ads on our wiki and replace SOMAInterstitialAdView with SOMAMultiFormatInterstitial.

  • Please make sure to create a new SOMAMultiFormatInterstitial object before loading an ad. Do not reuse an existing SOMAMultiFormatInterstitial object for loading subsequent ads, once the ad has been shown.

    Example code
    self.multiFormatInterstitial = [[SOMAMultiFormatInterstitial alloc] init];
    self.multiFormatInterstitial.adSettings.publisherId = aPublisherId;
    self.multiFormatInterstitial.adSettings.adSpaceId = anAdSpaceId;
    self.multiFormatInterstitial.delegate = self;
    // ...
    [self.multiFormatInterstitial load];

Update mediation adapter classes

AdMob as primary

  • Integrate SOMAAdMobMultiFormatInterstitialReceiver mediation adapter into your project.
  • Follow the instructions on how to integrate interstitial ads with AdMob as primary and Smaato as secondary, but make sure SOMAAdMobMultiFormatInterstitialReceiver is inserted as "Class Name".

MoPub as primary

  • Integrate SOMAMoPubMultiFormatInterstitialAdapter mediation adapter into your project.
  • Follow the instructions on how to integrate interstitial ads with MoPub as primary and Smaato as secondary, but make sure SOMAMoPubMultiFormatInterstitialAdapter is inserted as "Custom Event Class".

If you have any further questions regarding the Interstitial (Multi-Ad Format) setup, please reach out to your Smaato Account Manager as we will be happy to help.