Step 1

Looking to set up a Native Ads campaign with native creatives? Use our new Native Ad Builder to assemble your own native ads!

Please Note: First, you'll need to go through Steps 1 to 3 of setting up Direct Orders (Creating an Order, and creating a Line Item).

Next, in the Creative Setup screen, toggle the Creative Type to Native.

Step 2

The Native Ad Builder will open up, enabling you to define your preferred format and upload all your media.

Here's a step-by-step on how to assemble your creative:

Creative Type*: Set to Native (as aforementioned)

Layout*: Choose between the following IAB-standard layouts:

  • Content Wall
  • App Wall
  • News Feed
  • Chat List
  • Carousel
  • Content Stream
  • Custom

These layouts conform to the currently most common use cases of native ads. Of course, you can tailor the elements of a native creative to a layout that suits your property's specific needs; if you wish to do so, choose the Custom option.


Ad Title*: This is essentially your ad's title or headline.

Click URL*: Paste the URL of the page where you intend to send your users upon clicking here.

Ad Description: This is descriptive/explanatory text that goes along with your ad.

Icon: The primary image creative of your native ad; you can either upload a file or point to a URL. (80 x 80 px recommended)

Main Image: The secondary image creative of your native ad; you can either upload a file or point to a URL here as well. (1200 x 627 px recommended)

Call To Action: Your ad's CTA - usually something like Download, Shop Now or Learn More.

Star Rating: If you have a star rating that you'd like to reflect in your ad, determine it here.

Beacon: If you have a third-party view beacon (e.g. by an advertiser) to confirm that the ad has been fully called and displayed, insert its URL here.

+ New Element: Need to add another element? Create an additional element to your liking.

Items marked with a red asterisk * are always mandatory!


Step 3

When you're done, your ad should look somewhat like this:

Ad Title: This content piece's headline will be "Movie Fans".

Click URL: In this example, we're aiming to incite an app download. Accordingly, the Click URL points to an App Store entry.

Ad Description: The text acts similar to a content preview, adding a little bit of context to value/persuasion.

Icon: In this example, the app's icon works perfectly as the primary image.

Main Image: The secondary image sensibly contains a contextual screenshot of the app.

Call To Action: This CTA is pretty clear - Download Movie Fans.

Star Rating: This star rating reflects e.g. the current App Store rating average.

Beacon: Assuming that we're not working with a third-party beacon here, that field is left empty.


Step 4

Now just hit Save, and your creative is all set up!

It's ready to be served to your Native Adspaces; if you haven't set up any Native Adspaces yet, check out our documentation on Native Ads Integration.