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How Can I integrate with Smaato?

If you're an Ad NetworkContact Us!

If you're a DSP: Please go to our DSP Onboarding Guide, you will find instructions there.

I am neither an Ad Network, nor a DSP. How can I work with Smaato?

If you're a brand, an advertiser, a media buyer, a trading desk, an ad agency or any other buy-side entity - please note that Smaato only works with DSPs and Ad Networks as we require a bidder or ad server to enable traffic buys.

If you're interested in working with us, please contact a connected DSP or Ad Network.

What is Smaato's timeout setting?

300 ms.

Where are Smaato's servers based?

Virginia, US / Oregon, US / Ireland / Singapore. 

Why can't I ping Smaato's servers?

We're behind a load balancer which disables pinging. We can however ping you to test server latency if you provide us your bidding URL. 

What's the standard Bid Response size limit?

6144 bytes. Reach out to your account manager if you'd need the limit to be increased.

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