Ad Tag 2.1 now live

In the previous version of the Smaato Ad Tag (v2.0), the solution supported regular ads with a large variety of dimensions (small, medium and large) and formats (text, image and rich media). 2.1 brings a few new things to the table, most importantly the Fullscreen Interstitial.

For optimum performance and higher eCPMs, it is recommended to show the interstitial ad as early possible in the user session. To make this possible, we've implemented a functionality that will automatically display ads as soon as they are loaded. 

Alternatively, this new version of the ad tag also provides the ability to display on-demand by adding a listener to your integration. The listener will notify the site once the ad is ready to be displayed. As soon as the “presentModal” method is triggered, the creative will be rendered.

For a better user experience, it is recommended to display interstitial ads only once per user session.

Interstitial Events and Callbacks

  • Ad response status: to get the ad request status and find out whether your ad request was filled.
  • Interstitial will be shown: to get notified when the interstitial will be shown. Can be used to pause an animation on your website for instance.
  • Interstitial Dismissed: to be notified when the user dismisses the ad unit. Allows you to resume the animation paused earlier.

Additional Features

  • Ad Dimensions: MMA Banner, IAB Medium Rectangle, Fullscreen Interstitial
  • Ad Formats: Text, Image, Rich Media
  • Supports Passback Tags
  • compatible with In-Application and Mobile Web
  • Allows inclusion of targeting and location data as well as unique IDs
  • Integrated cache-buster
  • Compatible with leading ad servers (e.g. DFP, AppNexus, MoPub, OpenX)