SDK Mediation

SPX now features network integrations for AdMob, MoPub, iAd, Millennial Media and a Custom Network connector to integrate virtually any (SDK-enabled) network you want into your SPX setup.

Learn more about how to set it up here:

We've introduced two new features to our Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX) - a Native Ad Builder for Direct Orders, and Private Marketplace capabilities for the Smaato Exchange (SMX). Learn more about those features and how to use them here:

Native Ad Builder

Private Marketplace (PMP)

Interested in using SPX and/or SMX with a third-party Ad Server?

We've added quick guides for the following use cases:

Using SMX as a Demand Source in a third-party Ad Server

Creating a Passback from SPX to a third-party Ad Server

Using a third-party Demand Source in SPX

You can find all of them covered on our Best Practices page!


We've compiled a few hints for setting up your Direct Line Items on our SPX Best Practices page!

This most specifically addresses setting up your Creatives correctly and respectively aligning your Trafficking Settings.

Check it out here:

In our continuous effort to make SPX your one-stop shop for all your demand, we've added support for 2 popular ad networks to our set of available Publisher-Owned Ad Networks: TapIt and AdMarvel.


Want to learn more about using Publisher-Owned Ad Networks in SPX? Read our documentation on Networks!

VAST Video Ads and Native Ads are now available on SPX! Via SDK (iOS, Android) and API, you're now able to call Video & Native Ads.

Just select VAST Video or Native when creating an Adspace, and integrate according to the latest integration documentation:

1. SDK

3. API